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Lustrato Prosecco

Lustrato Prosecco NV

A new delicious addition to our Prosecco range – delicate ripe peach fruit with a creamy mousse

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Description Sometimes an occasion just calls out for some extra sparkle. From a cosy night in to a full-swing party or picnic in the garden! With Prosecco there are no rules, just chill down your bottle, pop it open and serve. Lustrato is a delightful creamy mousse fizz, with full Spumante bubble (frizzante is the other style and has gentler effervescence). It's made all from the region's prized Glera grape, by the hand of winemaker Alessio Rossetto. Appealing ripe peach, apple and pear notes with excellent lemony freshness, it slips down a little bit too easily! It's ideal on its own, with friends, conversation and laughter, or with lighter dishes. No need for ceremony, simply enjoy.

Wine File
Colour: White
Grape: Glera
Wine Style: White - Dry
Country: Italy
Region: Prosecco DOC
Vintage: NV
Alcohol: 11.0%
Bottle Size: 750ml
Recommended Mixes