All Wines Red Blend Antonio Federici Rosso Roma 2021
Antonio Federici Rosso Roma

Antonio Federici Rosso Roma 2021

Appealing, silky, ripe artisan red from close to Rome – cherry-laden with warming oak spice

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Luca Maroni China Wine & Spirits Awards (CWSA) China Wine & Spirits Awards (CWSA)

Description Antonio Federici is a small, 3rd-generation cellar in Lazio, just south of Rome. As you'll taste here, its wines are both authentic and delicious. Normally, they only supply their meagre output to top restaurants in Rome. But with most shut in 2020, we managed to gain a small allocation of this superb, cherry-scented red. And again, the following year. On fine limestone soils (the rocks of which were used to build some of Rome's most famous buildings) they grow some of Italy's most characterful native grapes. From these they make a small range of award-winning wines. No doubt the skill of top Italian consultant Franco and Matteo Bernabei comes into play, as well as the commitment and passion of the family. A silky, smooth, easy red.

Wine File
Colour: Red
Wine Style: Red - Full Bodied
Country: Italy
Region: Roma DOC
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 13.5%
Bottle Size: 750ml
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